Frequently Asked Questions
Q1.How frequently are the news updated?
A1.The news are updated every (give or take) 2 days.

Q2.How frequently are the videos updated?
A2.The videos are updated every week,of which the most popular (most viewed) are displayed at the top.

Q3.Where are the videos and news sourced from?
Q3.Regarding sourcing of material, all website are shown in the "About" page. We do not own the rights to these images and reports, we simply link them to the users.

Q4.When and how are the "Best Deals" changed/choosen?
A4.The "Best Deals" are changed and selected when a product is deemed by many reviewers as a great product and give them a solid rating.

Q5.Where can I report an issue?
A5.You can send us an email through our "Contact Us" page,with any issue from bugs to busniess. We will try our best to get back to you within 2 days.

Q6.What is the purpose of this site?
A6.This website was created to bring gaming news and video content all in one platform.